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Frequently Asked Question's

What are my options for domain extensions?

We offer .com (commercial), .net (network), .org (organization) and .biz (business) for free with the hosting. All others will be priced upon request.

I already have a domain name and hosting, will you still create my website?

Yes, we will. You will need to provide us with the details to access the account.

Am I required to have hosting?

Yes. The hosting provides a place to store the files so they can be accessed from anyone online.

I have an existing website, but need changes, will you do that?

Absolutely. We can set up a meeting to discuss what you are looking for and we'll be happy to give you a quote.

I already have a website, but am looking for a new hosting company. Will you host my website even if you don't create it?

Absolutely! If you provide us with the passwords, we'll be happy to transfer everything over.

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